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Over in Australia, my art was showcased in the 'Women In NFTs: The Emerging Digital Frontier' exhibition from February 15 to May 15. My Colored Doors artwork was featured at the atrium of Fed Square, right outside the NGV Ian Potter Centre. It was the biggest NFT exhibition Australia has ever seen, with a massive display scale, high-profile venue exposure, and an extended duration. You can check out the display sequence at https://utv.arts.exchange/.

it's the future, year 2162

I walk through colored doors of many hues

waiting at the threshold of each room

hiding my fear, paused but ready to resume

puffing up my tuxedo seeking my rightful place

heart beating fast, ready to show face

colored doors, a metaphor for life

each one a new environment where I can't hide

I walk through them, one by one

changing who I am, wanting to run

I long for them to see me, to be fully real,

but fear of rejection, a constant ordeal.

so I continue on, playing my role,

hoping that someday, I'll feel whole

but until then, I'll keep walking through

these colored doors, my only view